RIU Hotels & Resorts is Travel Impressions' Supplier of the Month!

Exclusive Savings of Up to 36%, $1,000 Instant Credit for Groups, Complimentary Room Upgrades and More!

At RIU Hotels & Resorts they know that your necessities go beyond a destination. You also need ideal circumstances that provide opportunities to enjoy the sun-drenched beaches and a variety of entertainment and activities. All-inclusive by RIU means enjoying your vacations without limits. Choose freely to taste the finest cuisine, drinks, sports, shows and entertainment without having to worry. RIU Hotels & Resorts offer some the best destinations for vacations and the opportunity of enjoying the best golf courses near their hotels.

They say it’s about the journey …  but maybe it’s because they haven’t been to these destinations. This new monthly series proves the old saying wrong as we highlight some of the most spectacular places on earth. From attractions to historical sites to beachfronts that number among the world’s best, we tell all … and add in promotions at our top property picks there. 

Destination of the Month
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New Look. New Style. New Reasons To Go!

Everybody loves a makeover, and we're no different! Now, every month, you'll be able to get a sneak peek at the newest and most exciting restorations, additions, improvements or changes made by a hotel or resort. Monthly Makeovers will help showcase the before and after looks and styles of each participating property, providing a valuable tool to use to guide your clients in the right direction when choosing their dream vacation destination. 

Year-round sunshine, untouched coastlines, laid-back vibes, and activities galore…yes, please! You can find all of this in Florida any time, but when it comes to visiting, there’s never any time like the present. While dozens of locations in Florida continue to serve as a playground to the masses, we want to share a few hot spots we would highly recommend. Now with offers such as free nights, daily breakfast, discounted activities, and rate reductions, there’s simply no excuse not to visit this charming and affordable vacation destination. Book your client’s trip to the land of pink flamingos and flip-flops now!

Putting OUR Experience to YOUR Use

For over 40 years, Travel Impressions has been an expert in upscale travel, with partnerships that span across 200 destinations and 2,400 resorts and hotels. Now, we’re putting our experience to YOUR use, curating our top ten most popular picks for properties around the travel themes that you and your clients are asking for. Every month reveals a new theme and our top ten matches in a beautiful, vivid format that provides snapshots of what makes our portfolio so extraordinary. Insider information helps you use our knowledge to your advantage, learn about special unsung features and resort differentiators, and ultimately make the very best recommendations for your customers to keep them coming back. This illustrated guide to fan favorites and exceptional examples is yet another tool TI uses to support your success.

High Standards. High Value.

A lot of companies talk about their values—their mission, guiding statement, what they stand for…their offers, their add-ons, their promotions. Few can marry the two meanings…But TI can. 

Get to know what makes the TI Difference all the difference when it comes to the success of the travel agent community.

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Intimate Hidaways for Ultimate Getaways.

Travel comes in all shapes and sizes, each traveler with different interests and experiences. Some travelers crave serene intimacy and personal service over large resorts buzzing with activity. If that sounds like your client then look no further than our new program Unique Boutiques, which proudly showcases our properties with less than 85 rooms that offer an individual luxurious experience. 

We take fun facts to a whole new level with these month-long, weekend-only Facebook takeover geared toward the obscure, the unknown, and inside perspectives. Highlighting the key selling points that unlock the uniqueness of our property, brand, or destination focuses, these are features that can become the deciding factor for your customers.

Behind the scenes. On the ground. Unedited, unfiltered photos. Raw video footage. These Facebook takeovers are as authentic as authentic gets, taking viewers on weeklong virtual FAM trips to focus properties and/or destinations. In-depth deep dives with morning-to-night coverage, we don’t miss a thing when we go #OnLocation.